Looking For A Job As A Qualified Driving Instructor? - Become A Driving Instructor In London
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Looking For A Job As A Qualified Driving Instructor?

Looking For A Job As A Qualified Driving Instructor?

Are you considering working as a qualified driving instructor? Being a driving instructor is a great job that can give you flexible earning potential and fit around your life and commitments to family. Here are some reasons why you should consider qualifying as a driving instructor.

Work the hours you want – as a fully qualified driving instructor you’ll be self-employed and able to set the hours you work. That means you can fit work around family commitments. Many drivers cut back their hours substantially during school holidays and work longer hours once the kids are back in school.

It’s a career that can fit round you. Driving instructors also find they can fit lessons around their commitments as carers or other jobs – some have other seasonal work or may be jobbing musicians.

Be your own boss – driving instructors tend to be self employed. That means you can pick and choose the hours you work, where you work and the clients that you work with. You’re very much in control, and you don’t have to worry about difficult bosses or colleagues.

Get out and about. If you hate being trapped in front of a computer and want to work with people, teaching people to drive may be a great choice for you. Many driving tutors value the freedom of being out and about and meeting people.

A job that suits your skills – once qualified, many driving teachers choose to specialise in the area of work that best suits their skills and personality. Perhaps you’re good at calming nervous learner drivers, or perhaps you’re good at getting someone through their test after several previous failed attempts. Driving trainers with language skills work with people who don’t have English as a first language, and who may prefer to receive instruction in their mother tongue.

You’ll also find there’s work getting experienced drivers from overseas through their UK driving test. There are many different areas of work that you can specialise in.

A constant source of employment – every year, more and more young people become old enough to be able to learn to drive. There’s always going to be opportunity for good instructors to find work. And with the driving examination constantly being made more challenging, the workload isn’t going to be reduced anytime soon.

A satisfying job – getting someone through their driving test successfully can be very rewarding!

A job which welcomes mature applicants – learner drivers often appreciate a more mature instructor as they feel they have more driving experience. Many driving instructors come into the profession as a second, third or even fourth job, or even a part time job in early retirement. It’s a career which will use all your people-handling skills, so life experience is useful.

As south west London’s leading driving school, we’re keen to encourage more people into this flexible and rewarding career. Contact us for more information about a career as a qualified driving instructor.

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