FAQ - Become A Driving Instructor In London
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Is your school approved by the Driving Standards Agency?

All approved schools are on the government’s ORDIT (Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers) register. Ask to see your trainer’s credentials.

 Wimbledon Driving School – ORDIT-registered

Can I meet my trainer?

Since you have to be able to get on with your trainer, it’s vital that you meet them before you start. Don’t sign anything if you haven’t met the person who will be training you. Better still, spend some time in the car with them before you commit.

Wimbledon Driving School – join your trainer for a free one-hour aptitude test

How many trainees will I be sharing the car with?

How many trainees will I be sharing the car with?

Some schools slash their costs by stuffing two or three trainees in the car at one time. That limits the vital one-to-one tuition that you need to qualify.

Wimbledon Driving School – only one trainee in the car, all tuition is one-to-one

What grade does my instructor have?

Driving instructors are graded by the government. The top grades are grades 5 and 6. The government describes the performance of any instructor with grade 4 or lower as, at best, ‘satisfactory’ at teaching learners to drive. Would you trust your career to an instructor whose skills are merely ‘satisfactory’?

Wimbledon Driving School – all instructor tuition with grade 5 or 6 instructors

When did your school last take a driving test?

Many driving-instructor schools don’t move on. Once its trainers have passed their Part 2, that’s it. But there are plenty of other advanced qualifications out there that give a trainer more skills to help you pass your Part 2.

The better qualified your trainer, the better placed he is to help you become well-qualified.

Wimbledon Driving School – our senior instructor has passed the Driving Instructors Association DIAmond Special Test, the Institute of Advanced Motorists F1RST, and the RoSPA Gold Driving Award

Can I see some proof of success?

It’s easy for trainers to claim success, but not so easy to prove it. Ask your trainer to show you the exam sheets of previous trainees.

Check Wimbledon Driving School – happy to show you how past students did

Does your school offer guaranteed work when you qualify?

Not all newly qualified instructors want to work for themselves. Some prefer to take out a franchise with a school they trust. The best schools offer successful trainees a franchise when they qualify.

Wimbledon Driving School – guaranteed franchise offer, if that’s what you want

Does your school offer ongoing support after I've qualified?

If you’re starting up on your own, it’s helpful to have someone at your side. A steady, guiding hand could stop you making silly beginner’s mistakes.

Check Wimbledon Driving School – ongoing support for newly qualified instructors