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Standards Check To Be Part Of Qualifying Process

Standards Check To Be Part Of Qualifying Process

The final part of the procedure to qualify as a driving instructor is to change, making it similar to the Standards Check used post-qualification. The new system looks set to go live in autumn.

Part 3 Exam to be replaced

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) announced last year that the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Part 3 Exam is to be replaced by a Standards Check. The aim was to make the last stage of the qualification as an instructor similar to the system used for continual assessment of qualified instructors.

Currently, the last stage of qualifying as an ADI is to undergo a 60 minute Part 3 exam. Within this, the examiner role-plays as both a new learner and as a more advanced learner.

This is designed to test core competencies, as well as instructor technique and characteristics.

The pre-set test format and role-play element within part 3 of the test are now considered to be artificial ways to test driver competency.

New Standards Check to qualify

Instead, a more natural and “real time” test format – with a real pupil – is believed to be a better way for prospective ADIs to show the full range of their abilities.

The changes due to happen later this year will mean that this final qualification stage will be in a similar format to the way a DVSA approved examiner currently carries out a Standards Check for qualified ADIs.

Qualified instructors undergo regular Standards Checks (every four years) to assess whether they are teaching in the most productive way. The instructor gets to choose the route and pupil for this test. They find their own real pupil – someone who is willing to have the assessor in the vehicle during a normal lesson.

Standards Checks score instructors on competencies in three main areas: lesson planning, risk management, and teaching and learning skills.

You can retake the test if you get ranked as unsatisfactory but failing the test three times will result in being taken off the ADI register.

According to the DVSA Business plan, bringing the final part of the qualifying in line with the Standards Check is “to improve the ADI qualification process and align it with the post-qualification assessment.”

Training for instructors impact

Clearly this has meant changes in the way instructors prepare for their qualification. In the build-up to the changeover, the ADI Registrar has been gathering research on how the changes will affect the industry and how well informed training bodies are.

Clearly it is vital that as they pass through Part 1 and 2 of their qualification process, would-be instructors are given sufficient information and support to meet the altered challenges and the new system of assessment.

There is a body of opinion that role-playing can still form an important part of training, even though the Part 3 test will become obsolete. It can be used to test pre-qualified instructors with a range of learning situations, such as students with special needs or distinct competency challenges.

Become A Driving Instructor in London would be pleased to help you develop the insight, competency and confidence to progress through the new Standards Check for qualification as an ADI.


Making sure you’re prepared for the changes to the ADI part 3 test

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