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Become A Driving Instructor in London
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 8 reviews
by Georgina Stokes on Become A Driving Instructor in London

Today I passed my test first time having learnt to drive in three months and I still can't quite believe it! I couldn't recommend Wimbledon Driving School and in particular my AMAZING instructor Azim Ismail enough!! Azim is incredibly knowledgable, patient, calming, professional, organised and full of tips such as easy reference points to remember. Before my lessons with Azim, I had taken a two-hour lesson with another instructor from a different driving school and the difference in teaching abilities was immense. I am so glad I switched over to the WDS. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and I am so thankful to Azim for calming my nerves through all our conversations and for enabling me to pass so quickly with his excellent teaching. Thank you!!

by Kenneth Ng on Become A Driving Instructor in London

I have had 32 hours of driving lessons with Jackie from Wimbledon Driving School and I passed my test at first attempt with only 3 minor faults. Jackie was very patient with me all along from day 1 and made sure I understood the basics, before moving on. She gave me enough advice and input but also allowed me to make decisions myself, and feedback after on where things could have done better/improved. She will also push you to take the next steps, when she knows you you can do it. Jackie is a very competent instructor, patient, punctual, always happy to help. On top of that, she is a good laugh to drive with and someone you can have a laugh with, which always helps the nerves. I have no doubt to recommend her to anyone.

by Josh Bickle on Become A Driving Instructor in London

Passed my driving test first time this morning! Big thanks to my instructor Allayne Hakin for teaching me everything, she very professional, clear and understandable. Plus she keeps it enjoyable. Absolute legend.

by Unser Rider on Become A Driving Instructor in London

Took lessons with Zsabi, Great teacher, Easy to get on with and have fun while learning. Passed. Thanks!

by Sam Mina on Become A Driving Instructor in London

I passed first time! It would not have been possible if it wasn't for my instructor Ganesh! When I first got behind the wheel I was a nervous wreck. I had no confidence and never thought I could ever get the hang of driving. Ganesh gave me the confidence and the motivation I needed to become a pro behind the wheel. Since passing my test, driving has become one of my passions. So much so that I have moved forward in my career to include the responsibility of driving on a daily basis. If you want to learn to drive and gain a passion for it at the same time, Ganesh is the man to do it!

by Catriona Ross on Become A Driving Instructor in London

I'm really enjoying my lessons with Cameron so far. He's patient calm and a good teacher. I've had a handful of lessons and already out on the main roads and dual carriageways and feeling much more confident!

by Amy Lewthwaite on Become A Driving Instructor in London

I have had driving lessons with Cameron Kane over the past couple of months and I have found him a very calm and helpful driving instructor. I have found it easy to progress each week and have really gained confidence each lesson.

by Ana Selegova on Become A Driving Instructor in London
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I had lot riding on passing my test. So having passed first time, this will truly change my life for the good. It definitely feels surreal having passed, but I cannot wait to get on the roads. I can go to work or travelling in my own car. This is all thanks to Lubna. A massive thank you again to Lubna and the company for everything.