What do you want from your career? - Become A Driving Instructor In London
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What do you want from your career?

What do you want from your career?

Having qualified as a driving instructor and done a week on the job, it has got me reflecting on what I should want from my “career”.

Often times we are told to look for “career progression” in the shape of promotions or changing employers and sometimes even fields of work.

If it is only money that you care for, would you accept more money for an unstimulating pointless job. Using an extreme example, if your job was to watch how long paint took to dry, would any amount of money as a salary really make you happy?

If it is the “status” your job title comes with, do you think that even your siblings or parents spend much time thinking about your job title let alone friends or acquaintances. If you are not sure, ask yourself how much time you reflect on your parents and siblings job titles and all will be revealed.

Is it the opportunity to “progress”?

What does progress entail? More of the above with longer hours and greater expectations.

So then what should one look for in a career?

How about fun? You only live once so why not spend your working life doing something you enjoy that pays the bills vs something you don’t that still pays the bills and maybe gives you more money you can use to have fun when you are not too busy earning that money while not having fun.

How about usefulness? Again, with our limited time, wouldn’t it be better to work to serve our fellow man than merely line our pockets?

Different people want different things from life and from their careers and that is perfectly fine. Diversity is beautiful.

I would just humbly ask you to reflect on what you actually want from your career vs what you have lest you one day retire and reflect on a working life that is filled with regret.

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