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Top Five Reasons To Become A Driving Instructor

Top Five Reasons To Become A Driving Instructor

  • Looking for a new career?
  • Love driving and think you’d make a good teacher?
  • Perhaps you simply want more flexibility within your job.

People from all walks of life become driving instructors and they choose this career path for a whole host of different reasons, including the ones mentioned above. It doesn’t matter what your background is; as long as you’re able to: instil confidence in those you’re instructing; deliver a lesson well, and (importantly!) get along with people, then driver training might be for you.

If it’s something you’re considering, but aren’t quite sure whether or not you should make the plunge, we’re here to help. These are our top five reasons why we think you should consider becoming a trainee driving instructor.

1. Regular work

If you’re changing careers but already have a background in driving, you’ll know that many driving jobs can be unstable. Taxi work, for example, doesn’t always guarantee you a full wage and the hours can be unsociable. With a driving instructor job, you can structure your own working week and the work is much more stable.

2. Accomplishment

Remember the feeling when you passed your own driving test? There’s nothing quite like it. By becoming a driving instructor you’ll be helping a huge number of people achieve the fantastic goal of learning how to drive. You’ll be boosting their self-esteem and guiding them along every step of the way – when they pass, you can take pride in knowing that you helped them get there.

3. Sociability

In other driving jobs, there’s risk involved. Taxi drivers have to deal with all sorts of people, including those who can be dangerous. Driving instructors are safe in the knowledge that they’ll be seeing the same rotation of people every week and there isn’t the same level of risk involved. Driving instructors enjoy great social interaction in their work, as they get to know their customers while they work.

4. New skills

As you train to become a driving instructor, you’ll be picking up a number of new skills along the way. As well as learning how to teach, you’ll find that your own confidence and leadership abilities will grow. It’s a job that allows for progression and you’ll be able to take exams and ultimately even train others to become instructors.

5. Be your own boss

One of the main things that driving instructors enjoy about their jobs is the flexibility that they have. It’s a great job for parents, as it can be done around school hours and for others who don’t want to work full time but still need an income. As long as you’re organised, you can fit your work in exactly when you want to.

If you’re interested in training to become a driving instructor, then don’t delay in getting started. Whether you’re brand new to the world of driving jobs or are ready to make a move from a job in the same field, it seems evident that the benefits are substantial.

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