Educating Driving Instructors In London
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The Recipe For A Delicious Driving Lesson

The Recipe For A Delicious Driving Lesson

As I sat in my teacher’s car waiting for valuable pearls of wisdom to come out on how to become a driving instructor, I was not disappointed.

“Control and education” he said.

What a beautiful recipe for a driving lesson. Only when I went home and reflected, I concluded that the words were going to be just as valuable for teaching my child to be as they were for my future pupils.

When you go for a driving lesson, do you feel like your instructor is in control of the lesson? If not, doesn’t that concern you? I mean you have to feel like when the lesson finishes, everyone gets to go home in one piece 🙂

  1. What about education?
  2. How much are you learning in each lesson?
  3. Is there a structure to it or is it haphazard and chaotic?

If you are paying for “lessons”, you have to question the level of education taking place.

Don’t get me wrong  – different people learn at different speeds in different ways, but you surely got to feel your instructor cares about whether you are making progress or not. It would be an awful shame if they were only concerned about if you are paying them.

One more gem from my teacher was to teach me to tell students that I felt unable to teach to consider finding a different instructor because *I* don’t have the skills to teach them rather than tell them they don’t have the ability to learn. Sounds so obvious right?

Control and education. Ask yourself after each lesson if your instructor is achieving these two simple ingredients.

If not, give us a call on 020 3524 7968 because our team of instructors are dedicated to doing just that and more.

In your education lies our satisfaction.

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