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Life As A Driving Instructor In The Making.

Life As A Driving Instructor In The Making.

Dear readers,

Just under 2 years ago I made a decision to try and qualify as a driving instructor and the adventure has been thrilling and nerve wracking at the same time!

Having still not qualified, but being close to “test standard” for the 3rd and final exam, I have been invited to share some of my thoughts and reflections with you all.

The first point that I would like to make is that whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you are right now doesn’t have to be the same for the rest of your life. The power to execute a change in direction in our lives is one of the most beautiful gifts bestowed upon us as humans and one that is unfortunately often not even acknowledged let alone utilised by so many.

The next point I would like to share is my “why”. I consider myself to have been gifted with the ability to teach and therefore consider it my responsibility to become a teacher of sorts. I chose driving as a subject to teach because it is something that I greatly struggled to learn myself and feel it would be great to make the learning experience easier for others.

Why do you want to learn to drive or to become an instructor? If you can articulate your reasons for wanting to achieve a goal, the path to achieving it miraculously opens up.

If your reasons are confused or lacking vitality, the journey to success is that much harder.

To try and keep this post a reasonable size, I will end it with one final point.

Whatever your goal is, be it driving or other. ….. work towards it every single day. The incremental development to your skills for the required level for the goal you are working towards is nutrition for your soul. You may never reach the goal, but I assure you from my own experience that each day will be lived with a vigour and excitement that didn’t exist in your life before.

Finally, I will end with a few important questions that I think that everyone should ask themselves as often as possible.

  • What skills do I have that only I can offer the world?
  • Who do I want to be known as when I depart from this world?
  • What daily actions can I take to be the most polished version of myself possible?
  • When am I going to take responsibility for making it happen?

I thank you all for reading and hope that you have derived some benefit from the post.

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