Alternative Jobs For Taxi Drivers - Become A Driving Instructor In London
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Alternative Jobs For Taxi Drivers

Alternative Jobs For Taxi Drivers

It’s no secret that taxi drivers are having a hard time. Uber and other ride sharing apps are here and the average price of a fare is coming under constant scrutiny, with private hire firms advertising mini cab jobs constantly as drivers realise they simply cannot make a living under the current system.

So what can you do? Well, thankfully, if you are an expert driver then you’re in demand; there are always other things you can do and your customer service skills, your ability to deal with people and your calm manner will come in handy, too. Suddenly those taxi driver jobs might not look so appealing.

Here are some of the best alternative careers for taxi drivers that are out there right now:

1. Driving instructor

You have literally thousands of hours behind the wheel. You have been there, seen it and done it, so perhaps now you’d like to pass on that wisdom to the next generation of drivers. Of course, you’ll have to qualify, but once you have, your hourly rate will go through the roof, you can pick when you work and if you establish a reputation, you’ll be booked up for months in advance.

Good driving instructors are hard to find and if you have a natural affinity for teaching a three-point turn, this could be the best career move you ever make.

2. Delivery driver

There can be some physical work involved in this one, but at least you’ll be working social hours and you won’t have to clean sick out of your cab at 3am. A slew of private companies like Yodel are looking for owner drivers and a car is enough to get started these days; you don’t need a van or any specialist equipment as most of the parcels are small enough to simply hand over.

3. Chauffeur

It might seem like a world away from taxi driving, but it really isn’t. You’ve practised smooth driving techniques for years and the only issue is that the vehicle may be bigger. There is a constant demand for chauffeurs with airport services, hotels and even the party nights that will resemble something closer to your Saturday night fares. These services are not under the same financial pressures as the taxi industry as they cater to a different clientèle, so check out the openings.

If you’re self-employed and want to stay that way, it could be worth looking into financing a limousine, either used and cheap for the weekend crowd or the likes of a Mercedes S Class commercial lease to provide a service to private airlines and more. It’s a gamble – but then all business is a gamble.

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